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Welcome to The Mediation Minute! This podcast explores practical techniques to facilitate successful negotiation and resolution. Hosted by Rebecca Wisbar, mediator and attorney.

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The Mediation Minute podcast is produced by Catherine O'Brien, Branch Out Programs.

Aug 31, 2020

“Ultimately, what we all want is to come to a good resolution for all our clients and if you can understand what the other person is thinking, it can help you nudge them towards where you want them to be.” Jonathan Mitchell is our guest on the new episode of the Mediation Minute. Jonathan shares one question to ask clients which will set the tone for the future legal proceedings. Additionally, Jonathan and host Rebecca Wisbar discuss the concepts of anchoring and of confirmation bias. This episode contains many practical tips for positively managing expectations throughout a mediation.

Host Rebecca Wisbar is a Baton Rouge mediator and attorney. The Mediation Minute is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Get new episodes of The Mediation Minute delivered to your inboxSign up for our email newsletter. Visit to learn more. Please note: This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not provide legal advice.