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Welcome to The Mediation Minute! This podcast explores practical techniques to facilitate successful negotiation and resolution. Hosted by Rebecca Wisbar, mediator and attorney.

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The Mediation Minute podcast is produced by Catherine O'Brien, Branch Out Programs.

Jun 28, 2016

Scott Love joins Rebecca Wisbar on The Mediation Minute to compare and contrast arbitration and mediation. Scott shares reasons that the parties might opt to arbitrate, and how that alternative dispute method differs in practice from mediation. The discussion turns to some of the positive attributes of mediation and what that process may offer clients.

Rebecca Wisbar is a mediator and attorney. The Mediation Minute is now available on iTunes, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Get new episodes of The Mediation Minute delivered to your inbox! Sign up for our email newsletter. Visit to learn more. Please note: This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not provide legal advice.